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Safeguarding Adults

In light of the new Care Act 2014, you will begin to see a transition in the terminology that we use across our training materials, resources and training delivery. As a result, you will note that the phrase ‘vulnerable adults’ is being used far less. Where the term vulnerable adults is still used for instance in our DVD materials, please note that this is in the process of being updated.

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  • Who does adult safeguarding apply to?
  • Who might abuse an adult and in what context?
  • Signs and Symptoms of abuse in adults.
  • Responding to concerns

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you should…

  1. Have developed an understanding of what constitutes abuse against an adult.
  2. Have begun to understand which people may pose a risk to an adult at risk of harm.
  3. Have explored and understand signs and symptoms of abuse.
  4. Have begun to understand how we can respond in situations where adults have been abused or are at risk of harm.
  5. Have begun to understand the duties placed upon those who work with adults who are abused or at risk of abuse within the context of the Care act 2014.

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