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Safer Recruitment

The Further Learning Module

The course follows the '12 Steps to Safer Recruitment' taking participants through 4 stages as follows:

  • Stage 1: Before Advertising (Measures to DETER unsuitable candidates)
    • Developing Recruitment Policies
    • Stating our Commitment to Safeguarding
    • Using Role Descriptions
    • Advertising Effectively
    • Compiling Candidate Information
  • Stage 2: Before Interviewing (Measures to REJECT unsuitable candidates)
    • Assessing Applicants Fairly
    • Undertaking Appropriate Checks
    • Invitations to Interview
  • Stage 3: Before Making a Decision (Measures to DETECT unsuitable applicants)
    • Undertaking Interviews
    • Asking Appropriate Questions
  • Stage 4: Before Appointing (Measures to PREVENT unsuitable candidates)
    • Making Confident Decisions
    • Further Checks and Conditional Offers
  • CCPAS Disclosure Service
    • Criminal Records Disclosures

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you should…

  1. Understand Safer Recruitment is probably the first point to deter unsuitable people from gaining contact through work or volunteering.
  2. Understand that disclosure checks are an important aspect of Safer Recruitment.
  3. Understand the role description is important to set boundaries and responsibilities.
  4. Understand gathering all information from interviews, the application form etc can help you make decisions after the interview.
  5. Understand that starting the recruitment process again can be better than putting vulnerable people at risk through a questionable appointment.
  6. Understanding that the CCPAS Disclosure department understand the issues that affect organisations at ground level and how it fits into the Safer Recruitment process.
  7. Understand that using the online Ebulk system reduces costs and is fast.
  8. Understand it’s important to give the applicant an opportunity to declare any relevant past history before the Disclosure process is started.

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