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Domestic Abuse

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Domestic Abuse - In Churches Too

CCPAS is very pleased to be working in partnership with RESTORED to bring you this 3 hour training module on Domestic Abuse. Restored is an International Christian Alliance whose aim is to promote healthy relationships, end violence against women and to encourage and equip faith based organisations to provide a safe space for survivors to heal, restore and speak out. This course will explore and raise awareness of the prevalence and impact of Domestic Abuse encouraging all who attend to understand that the church is not immune from these issues. This is a face-to-face training session with an interactive delivery style.

More information about Restored can be found here

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the course, you should:

  1. Have an increased awareness of what Domestic Violence/Abuse is and who is most affected
  2. Have an understanding of Domestic Abuse within the context of church and faith communities’ as well as an understanding of how Domestic Abuse impacts on children.
  3. Have an understanding that Domestic Abuse is a complex issue and why we need to dispel many myths associated with this form of abuse.
  4. Have developed a clear sense of how the church should respond to Domestic Abuse so that those affected by it feel safe and supported.
  5. Feel equipped to developed an action plan for what you as an individual or your church/community can do.