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You run a free school, or academy. Have you done everything you can to ensure your children and young people are properly safeguarded?

Here’s the exam:

  • Are your child protection arrangements sufficiently robust?
  • Are you confident that when OFSTED or your Inspectors evaluate the effectiveness of schools’ procedures for safeguarding you will have met the criteria?
  • Do you know who to turn to for all the support, advice and help needed should you be faced with a safeguarding issue?
  • Do they understand your particular sector – and the specific issues and challenges it presents, – as well as you do?

If the answer to even one of these questions is a ‘maybe’, then you could well fail. Not just the exam. Your children and young people, too.

Don’t guess. Call CCPAS for the right answers.

Why us? Because CCPAS (The Churches’ Child Protection Advisory Service) is a leading independent Christian safeguarding charity which has been protecting children and vulnerable adults since 1977.

Mostly we work with churches, but we also advise 80 schools and academies, in areas including obtaining improved inspection judgements for safeguarding. So we’ve done our homework.

Now we are making our skills and experience more widely available, by developing a full, bespoke safeguarding service for free schools and academies.

For full details about the various specialist services we offer, click the image to download the brochure.

For more information about Specialist Safeguarding Services and our charges call Karen Ledger on 0845 120 4550 or email members@ccpas.co.uk.

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