Specialist Safeguarding Services - Bespoke Training Delivery

CCPAS has led the development and delivery of safeguarding training to the faith sector for many years and continues to train hundreds of individuals every week. This experience benefits organisations because it enables the team to understand their specific needs for safeguarding training in the workplace. Our team come with a variety of backgrounds that will assist us in understanding your context - among the team are those with professional backgrounds in policing, social work, health, education, psychology and church leadership. Examples of bespoke training previously provided include:

  • Understanding the Sexualisation of Children
  • Safeguarding in Broadcasting Media
  • Developing Support & Accountability Groups (for offenders in churches)
  • Understanding the Role of the Designated Person (in schools)
  • Safeguarding and Governance for Leaders and Trustees
  • Child Abuse Linked to Faith & Belief

If you are interested in commissioning bespoke training for your organisation and would like to discuss your needs furtther, please contact in the first instance - training@ccpas.co.uk