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Safeguarding Policies

Having a well thought-through Safeguarding Policy is essential. This demonstrates that a church or organisation values the children and vulnerable adults in their care. All policies should be reviewed at regular intervals.

CCPAS has great experience in this area which has developed over many years. For our members we have a model safeguarding policy based on our comprehensive ten standards. This template can be used to create an individual policy, unique to your organisation’s requirements.

As part of the Specialist Safeguarding Services CCPAS offer we can undertake a bespoke policy development and review. This is available to members and non-members, however, members will have access to our model safeguarding policy and therefore will not necessarily need to take advantage of this extra service.


Members of CCPAS can download the Safe and Secure model policy from our online manual http://services.ccpas.co.uk/Members/Safe-Secure/Print%20Versions/PrintMenu.html

If the policy is based on our current model, all the essential areas will be covered. If you are unsure about any point, then you can always ring our helpline on 0845 120 45 50 option 2. We also have a completed policy checklist available  services.ccpas.co.uk/Members/Safe-Secure/Forms/SafeguardingPolicyChecklist.doc. For further information on copyright and other related issues please follow the link to our FAQ’s http://services.ccpas.co.uk/Documents/FAQ's.pdf


If you are not currently a member with CCPAS joining us will allow you to gain further information on the preparation and submission of a safeguarding policy and give you access to our model safeguarding policy. Click here to become a member of CCPAS.