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CCPAS as a Learning Organisation

CCPAS is committed to being a learning organisation. In our pursuit of this, we will be participating in and commissioning academically rigorous and timely research to assist in the development of best practice relating to safeguarding within the faith sector in the UK and overseas.

Developing Best Practice

We therefore partner with academic institutions to research aspects of safeguarding practice in order to inform the development of our training, practice guidance and the quality of the advice we provide to individuals and organisations via our professional helpline. Our expertise and services are unrivalled in this respect and CCPAS is constantly striving to improve the quality of our services as well as facilitate the development of best practice amongst those that use our services.

On this page you will see links to research that we are currently engaged in. From these links, you will be able to find information about the specific research projects and where appropriate there will be links to participate in research that is underway.

Current Research Projects

For further information about any of our research projects, please either contact us on 0845 120 4550 or email us at: