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Press Articles Library

Below is a library of our press articles, sorted by subject and date. They are all in PDF format and can be downloaded by simply clicking.

Internet Safety

Jun 11 - Helping Young People to Negotiate Networking Safely

Jan 11 - Expert Speakers Lined Up for Internet Safety Conference

Dec 10 - The Urgent New Challenges Facing Every Parish in the Land

Nov 10 - The Facebook Files

Nov 10 - The Facebook Files

Nov 10 - Calls treble to Helpline for Online Abuse

Nov 10 - The Facebook Files

Oct 10 - Saving Face

Aug 10 - Upping the Emphasis on E-Safety

Feb 06 - Cyber Child Protection


Sep12 - An urgent issue facing the Synod

Apr 12 - New approach urged on child protection

Nov 11 - Transcript of interview given by Tearfund at "Children, Church & Big Society" Conference

Jun 11 - Churchgoers get Lessons in How to Spot a Child Abuser

Apr 11 - The Church Must be Vigilant on Abuse

Apr 11 - Ludicrous Ban on Child Choir Photos

Apr 11 - Churches 'Ludicrous' Ban on Worshippers Photographing Child Choir

Feb 11 - Building Safer Churches

Nov 10 - Churches 'Still Complacent' on Child Safety

Feb 10 - Churches Still Complacent

Aug 09 - New Child Protection Guidelines for Churches

Aug 10 - Churches Can Give Sarahs Law a Cautious Welcome

Feb 08 - Maintaining a Sanctuary from threat of Abusers

Nov 07 - Bonkers About Conkers

May 07 - Admitting to the Threat of Abuse

May 07 - Campaigners Criticise Church for Failing to Inform Police

Apr 07 - An Urgent Child Safety Requirement for Every Church in the Country

Apr 07 - More Churches Face Sex Offender Dilema

Nov 06 - Churches Stress Protection for Vulnerable Adults

May 06 - Dealing With Sex Offenders in Church

Apr 06 - Churches 'Fail to Guard Against Child Abuse'

Apr 06 - Encouragement Over Churches Child Protection

Apr 06 - Churches 'Complacent' About the Need for Child Protection Policies

Jan 06 - Funding Thank You


Aug 11 - A woman’s fight to flee a cult and save her children

June 11 - Churchgoers get Lessons in How to Spot a Child Abuser

Feb 11 - The Issues Remaining on Child Protection

Sep 10 - Children Accused of Witchcraft

Jun 10 - Abuse Scandal Engulfs the Church

Mar 10 - Pope Tells the Victims of Ireland's Paedophile Preists He is 'Truly Sorry'

Apr 07 - Church Kept Quiet About Choirmaster's Sex Assaults on Three Boys

Apr 07 - Church's 17-Year Peado Cover-Up

Apr 07 - Choirmaster Jailed for Child Abuse

Apr 07 - Church Choirmaster Jailed for Child Sex Abuse

Apr 07 - A Pervert Choirmaster Who Abused Three Boys

Apr 07 - Church Hid Secret of the Choirmaster Who Abused Boys

Spiritual Abuse

Oct 12 - Exorcisms

Aug 12 - Criminalise witch label, says activist

Aug 12 - Political Correctness 'puts children at risk of witchcraft abuse'

Apr 12 - Help sought for churches over 'witch' cases

Mar 12 - Church body reacts to 'witch' case

Mar 12 - Philip Hensher: We tun up our music to cover the screams

Mar 12 - Kristy Bamu's murder was child abuse, first and foremost

Mar 12 - Ostracised, abandoned and tortured: The chilling truth about witchcraft superstitions (USEC Network)

Mar 12 - Ostracised, abandoned and tortured: The chilling truth about witchcraft superstitions (Independent)

Mar 12 - Accusations of withcraft are part of growing pattern of child abuse in UK

Jan 11 - Catholic Britain Rejoices but Abuse Overshadows First State Visit by Pope

Sep 10 - TV Documentary about Demon Possessed Children

Aug 10 - Churches Query C4 'Witch Children'

Aug 10 - C4 Slammed Over Witch Doc

Aug 10 - Churches Query C4 'Witch Children'

Jul 10 - How Churches Fight Belief in Witchcraft

Apr 07 - Faith Healers

Feb 07 - Teachers Get Advice on How to Spot Ritual Abuse

Jan 07 - Churches Issue Alert on Ritual Child Abuse

Nov 06 - Churches Need 'Eternal Vigilance'

Mar 06 - Protecting Children in Church

Jan 06 - Pastor is Arrested After Inquiry into Claims of Cruelty to 'Child Witches'

Jan 06 - We Do Not Support Any Form of Abuse

Jan 06 - Pastor is Arrested Over 'Child Witch' Cruelty Claims

Jul 05 - Family Jailed for Tourture of a Girl They Called Devil

Disclosure / Criminal Record Checks

Feb 11 - Church Warns of the Risk if Vetting Process is Relaxed

Jun 10 - Vetting Scheme Review Criticised

Jun 10 - Ditched Vetting Scheme 'Gave a Boost to Child Safety'

Jun 10 - Vetting Scheme 'Would not Protect Children as Paedophiles Operate Online'

Sep 09 - CCPAS Supports Government Vetting Plans

Oct 09 - Churches Defy Writers Over Schools Vetting

Dec 09 - Child Safety Group's Crime Check Alert

Jan 06 - Teachers and Sunday School Teachers

Jan 06 - CRB Checks are Vital, Agencies Say


Aug 11 - Community Support is key to building Big Society

Aug 11 - Charity says 'Broom Armies' are Big Society Key

Jun 10 - Cumbrian Conference Targets Sex Abuse in Church

Jun 05 - Church Bid to Stamp Out Child Abuse