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Help Leaflets

These are a series introductory guides to many key safeguarding issues, ranging from tackling historic child abuse, to what to do if a sex offender joins your church, to domestic violence and staying safe on line. They sensitively tackle many of the real dilemmas ordinary people may face.

Several of these booklets have been written from a Christian perspective for both adults and children, whose lives have been affected by their own experiences of abuse. Others have been written for more general use. You can download them all in pdf format or order printed versions through our online shop for 30p each or £2.50 for a full set (not including pdf only versions). Please contact us for bulk orders of over 50 on 0845 120 45 50.

Help... I want to understand spiritual abuse (PDF only)

Help... someone I care about may be a sex offender (PDF only)

Help... my child's been abused - now what? (PDF only)

Help... I need someone to talk to (PDF only)

Help... I was abused as a child (PDF only)

Help... I want to teach my child personal safety

Help... someone I care about was abused. (PDF only)

Help... Domestic Abuse! How should my church respond?

Help... How can I support a child who has been abused? (PDF only)

Help... I want to protect vulnerable adults

Help... sexual offenders and church attendance

Help... How should I discipline my child?

Help... I want to recruit workers safely

Help... how to respond to an allegation of abuse (PDF only)

Help... Human trafficking. How should my church respond? (PDF only)

Help...How can I work with children and young people displaying sexually harmful behaviour? (PDF only)