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Archive of Articles

For all articles pre 2007, please contact Sarah at with the year and title as listed below, and she will arrange to send you a copy.

Key* - AF: Adoption and Fostering LI: Life Issues, NA: News Archive, PS: Personal Stories; TP: Theory and Practice,

Year Title Author Key words Key*
2005 1000 and Rising David Pearson History of Facing the Unthinkable Seminars NA
2002 A Challenge for the Church Julia Stacey Dr Marlene Hickin’s personal story PS
2005 A Passion for Children at Risk – Part 1 Julia Stacey Life and work of Dr Josephine-Joy Wright PS
2006 A Passion for Children at Risk – Part 2 Julia Stacey Life and work of Dr Josephine-Joy Wright PS
1998 A Touchy Subject David & Pauline Pearson ‘Good sense’ physical contact with children TP
2007 A Vision of Childhood in the 21st Century Bill Stone Good Childhood Inquiry TP
2010 Abuse and the Catholic Church Bill Stone Reflections on the question of relationship between church & state LI
2009 Abuse of Trust Bill Stone Duty of care towards children TP
2001 Abuse of Trust in the context of the Church Anon Personal story of abuse of power PS
Adopting or Fostering a Sexually Abused Child Catherine Mackaskill Typical Behaviours of sexually abused children – explicit material AF
1992 Adoption – A Different Kind of Parenting Alison Jones Building relationship with a fostered/adopted child AF
2010 Advice on ADHD Andrea Bilbow How to spot and support young people with ADHD LI
2012 An Experience of a Section 47 Child Protection Investigation Anon A family's experience of a Section 47 Child Protection Investigation and how they hope to us it to help others AF/PS
2002 An Internet Encounter Julia Stacey Woman’s abuse as a five year old and the church’s response PS
2012 An Interview with Ahmad Ajani CCPAS From Afghan child orphan to meeting Jesus in the UK AF/PS
2012 An Interview with Kate Iwi, CAFOD CCPAS What the agency does/where it works? PS
1999 Angry Christians Anon Husband is accused of sexual abuse PS
2008 Another String to my Bow Julia Stacey Life and work of Rev Pearl Luxon PS
2010 Are Children Exploited in your Community Laura Wirtz Summary of research into Child Trafficking AF/TP
2009 Are we Under the Law or Grace? Paul Martin Complying with Charities Act 2006 TP
2007 Ask Angela Angela Hobday ADHD and Attachment Disorder AF
2012 Ask Angela Angela Hobday Christmas and 'looked-after' children AF
2006 Ask Angela Angela Hobday Dealing with Anger of a Fostered Child AF
2007 Ask Angela Angela Hobday Disappointments and Rejection AF
2010 Ask Angela Angela Hobday Discipline and Privileges AF
2007 Ask Angela Angela Hobday Domestic Violence AF
2009 Ask Angela Angela Hobday Eating Problems AF
2005 Ask Angela Angela Hobday Fall-out for a Neglected Child AF
2005 Ask Angela Angela Hobday Fostered Child’s Contact with Birth Family AF
2006 Ask Angela Angela Hobday Fostered Children leaving their Adoptive Family AF
2011 Ask Angela Angela Hobday Fostering a child displaying sexually harmful behaviours AF
2010 Ask Angela Angela Hobday Fostering and Disibility AF
2008 Ask Angela Angela Hobday Fostering Orphans AF
2006 Ask Angela Angela Hobday Helping a Traumatised Child AF
2009 Ask Angela Pauline Pearson Helping Children talk about Abuse AF
2009 Ask Angela Angela Hobday Instilling routine and boundaries AF
2012 Ask Angela Angela Hobday Loving foster children AF
2011 Ask Angela Steve Ball Natural children growing up in a fostering family PS/AF
2007 Ask Angela Angela Hobday Relationships with looked after Children AF
2010 Ask Angela Pauline Pearson Realisation of childhood abuse as an adult LI
2008 Ask Angela Angela Hobday Self-harming AF/LI
2006 At Home on the Margins Julia Stacey Life and Work of Jane Chevous PS
2004 Attachment Theory and Relationships Bill Stone Bonding and Child Development. TP
2010 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Andrea Bilbow Children with ADHD TP
2007 Baby Brains and why Love Matters Bill Stone Why Children need Love to Thrive TP
2007 Backroom Boy or Unsung Hero Julia Stacey Life and Work of John Perkins PS
2007 Becoming a Single Parent Liz Gardner Single Parenthood PS/LI
2006 Behind the Scenes Barbara Ball CCPAS Disclosure Service NA
2011 Believed for the First Time Julia Stacey Michelle Delaney's recovery from childhood abuse PS
2003 Better Safe than Sorry Suzanne Green Safe Recruitment TP
2001 Big Boys Don’t Cry Marian Lovatt Helping Children cope with Loss TP
2008 Breaking Free Julia Stacey Rhianna overcoming the Effects of Abuse PS
2003 Bringing Good Sense to Child Protection David Pearson Good Sense on Issues of Touch TP
2008 Bucking the trend of ‘Keep Out’ and ‘Don’t Touch’ Kathleen Marshall Reducing the Fear TP
2008 Building Self Esteem in Children Canon Bill Merrington Building Self Esteem in Children TP
2008 Butterflies Children’s Project Tracy Allen Help for Children Coping with Bereavement LI
2011 Call Me Evil, Let Me Go Sarah Jones Extract of Sarah's story - a mother's desperate attempt to save her children from a religious cult PS
2009 Can Anybody Hear Me Crying? Catherine Hope Extracts from Catherine's book PS
2000 Caring about Neglect Bill Stone What is Neglect? TP
2007 Caring for Difficult Children – Part 1 Dr Josephine-Joy Wright Christ-centred Good Parenting LI
2007 Caring for Difficult Children – Part 2 Dr Josephine-Joy Wright Disobedience and Play LI
2007 Caring for Difficult Children – Part 3 Dr Josephine-Joy Wright Giving Children Praise and Boundaries LI
2008 Caring for Difficult Children – Part 4 Dr Josephine-Joy Wright Discipline and Problem Solving LI
1997 Caring for the Abused David and Pauline Pearson How to Respond when a Child Discloses Abuse. TP
CCPAS Evidence - Victoria Climbié David Pearson CCPAS’s Evidence in Phase Two of the Victoria Climbie Inquiry NA
2011 Challenging perceptions of disability Deborah Miller Responding to disability in places of worship PS/TP
2006 Cheap Grace Rob Parsons Is Forgiveness too Easy in the Context of Abuse? TP
Child Abuse – A Challenge for the Churches Pauline Pearson The Church’s Theological Response to Abuse TP
2009 Child Internet Safety Simon Bass New government initiatives for child internet safety TP
1998 Child Protection and Children with Special Needs (1998) Simon Bass Practical and Theological Response to Children with Disabilities TP
Child Protection Policies CCPAS Registering, Checking and Reviewing TP
2008 Child Trafficking – A Call to Action Debbie Beadle Child Trafficking and the Work of ECPAT LI
2002 Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000 CCPAS Summary of Act TP
2005 Children from ‘every tribe, tongue, people and nation’ Julia Stacey Story of Foster Carers the Clarke-Roberts PS
1999 Children Under Pressure Simon Bass The Detrimental effects that Pressure to Succeed is having on Children TP
2007 Choices and Consequences Pauline Pearson Forgiveness PS/LI
2009 Coming to a Place Near You David Pearson The Importance of CCPAS Safeguarding Training TP
2011 Communicating the Safeguarding Message Iain Taylor Communicating CCPAS' safeguarding message TP
2004 Confidentiality and the Under-16s CCPAS Department of Health Guidance TP
2012 Coping with Loss: How Churches can Help Children Rachel Forester-Jones Based on TISCA Regional Meeting talk LI
2000 Counselling Children Pauline Pearson Approaches and Safeguards when Counselling Children TP
2011 Criminal Records Checks Uncovered DI Steve Meeke MET Character Enquiries Centre TP
Cyber Safety - Child Protection & the Internet Simon Bass Internet Safety Issues for Parents, Carers and Workers TP
2009 Difference a Day Makes Rev Mark Griffiths Running a Holiday Club TP
2010 Disability and Sex Offending Simon Bass Disability, abuse and sexual offending - the facts TP
1994 Discipline or Punishment - Parenting by Grace Andy Croall Discipline and Punishment from a Christian Perspective TP
2009 Disclosure Service Update Barbara Ball Latest on the ISA and electronic CRB applications TP/NA
2010 Documentation, documentation, documentation David Pearson Record keeping TP
2008 Do Touch Dr David Hewett The Importance of Touch TP
2001 Don't Touch the Children! David Pearson Good Sense Advice on Issues of Touch TP
2009 Eating Disorders Dr Kate Middleton Understanding Eating Disorders LI
1997 Emotional Abuse Pauline Pearson The Effects of Emotional Abuse and How to Help TP
2009 Engaging with the Faith Sector Nick Donaldson Visit to CCPAS by Charity Commission TP
2001 Faith and Fostering Maddy Carvosso Issues for Christians Considering Fostering AF
2008 Faith Matters and Child Protection David Pearson Addressing Issues of Spirit Possession and Witchcraft TP
2001 Family Matters Eleanor Meade Setting up ‘Family Matters’ Fostering Agency PS
2009 Fegan’s Impacting life in the 21st Century Julia Stacy The Work of Children’s Charity Fegan’s PS
2009 Female Genital Mutilation Dr Hilary Cooling Understanding Female Genital Mutilation TP
2009 Filial Therapy and Empowering the Parent Nina Rye Therapeutic Child Centred Play TP
2006 For the Children’s Sake Too Cath Butcher Circles of Support and Accountability LI
2010 Forgotten Children Bill Stone Effects of Childhood Neglect TP
2012 Foster Care: Built on Firm Foundations Justin Humphreys History of foster caring - who pioneered the changes? AF
2012 Fostering and Adoption: Concluding Reflections Bill Stone Being a foster carer - a job like no other AF/LI
2012 Fostering and the Law Clauda Bell Brief explanation of some of the key aspects and guiding principles of fostering law AF/TP
2008 Frequently Asked Questions CCPAS Camps/One-off Youth Events TP
2007 Frequently Asked Questions CCPAS Demon Possession TP
2007 Frequently Asked Questions CCPAS Father Christmas / Filming and Photos TP
2010 Frequently Asked Questions CCPAS Keeping Records - How long is 'indefinite'? TP
2008 Frequently Asked Questions CCPAS Medical Attention TP
2011 Frequently Asked Questions CCPAS Sharing sleeping accommodation with children & young people TP
2010 Frequently Asked Questions CCPAS Social networking sites and youth groups TP
2008 Frequently Asked Questions CCPAS Vulnerable Adults Checks TP
2006 Getting Real Dr Hilary Cooling Christian Response to Sexual Health for Young People TP
2011 Giving Victims a Voice Pete Saunders Attitudes in the church towards sexual abuse TP
2008 Grandma’s Amanda Williams & Rowena Pullinger A Service for Families affected by HIV LI
1997 Grief in School Nina Rye Helping Children come to Terms with Bereavement TP
1998 Helping a Child after Disclosure of Abuse Pauline Pearson Responding as Parent/Worker to Disclosure of Abuse TP
2004 Helping Children overcome Soiling Problems Angela Hobday Helping a Child with Soiling Problems TP
2004 Helping the Child who has been Sexually Abused Angela Hobday Helping a Child who has been Sexually Abused TP
2011 Helpline or Lifeline! Justin Humphreys The work of 'Stop it Now!' LI
2007 Hidden Victims of Domestic Violence Sue Dunn The Church and Domestic Violence TP
Honouring Parents Pauline Pearson Christian perspective on What it Means to Honour Parents TP
2010 Hope in the Midst of Tragedy Julia Stacey Suicide Cluster and response by Bridgend Christians RL
2011 How can Parents help when their child is being Bullied? Rob Parsons Practical help for parents who have a child being bullied TP
2007 I Don’t do Lightening Bolts Julia Stacey Life and Work of Mary Hawes PS
2006 I’m Not Sad but Happy! Pauline Pearson Account of Counselling a Child who was Sexually Abused TP
2005 I’m Nothing Special’ Julia Stacey Jo Moore’s story of Caring for her Disabled Child and Her Work for Disabled Children PS
2006 Insurance Policies and Child Protection CCPAS Insurance for Churches TP
2000 Integrating Children with Disabilities into the Church Simon Bass Meeting the Needs of Children with Disabilities TP
2000 Internet Safety Award - Caiti Ledger Answers Questions Iain Taylor About the SQA Qualification PS
2012 Just a Photograph? - The Sexual Exploitation of Children Simon Bass Sexual exploitation of children TP
2010 Keeping Ahead of the Game David Pearson The story of CCPAS PS
2001 Keeping Children Safe David Pearson Helping Children keep themselves Safe TP
2010 Keeping Secrets Vanessa Rogers Good and bed secrets TP
2009 Keys into Communities Bob Pull Work of CCPAS Communities Consultant TP/NA
2007 Know Your Soup Pauline Pearson Counselling and Pastoral Care TP
2005 Laughter is the Best Medicine Maddy Carvosso A Sense of Humour when Fostering Children AF
2005 Let Culture Collide with Culture Rebecca Mitchell Understanding Cultural Differences when Helping People who have been Abused TP
2006 Making our World a Better Place – Part 1 Julia Stacey Life and Work of Donald Findlater PS
2007 Making our World a Better Place – Part 2 Julia Stacey Life and Work of Donald Findlater PS
2011 Mental Health, the family and spirituality Helen Balami Helping people with mental health issues within BME communities TP
2005 Misplaced Compassion Bill Stone Balancing Helping both Victim and Perpetrator TP
2005 Mixed Age-Group Activities & Good Sense Child Protection Simon Bass Good Sense Child Protection for Children’s Activities TP
2005 More Than a Job Julia Stacey Story of CCPAS Communities Consultant Bob Pull PS
2008 My Father tried to Kill Me Ferzanna Riley Child Abuse and Forced Marriage PS
2007 New Broom Sweeps Clean Julia Stacey Life and Work of Greta Randle LS
2009 New Requirements for Reporting Abuse David Pearson Reporting serious incidents to ISA, Charity Commission & LADOs TP
2008 No to Arms Length – ‘Yes’ to Good Sense! CCPAS Challenging the ‘Don’t Touch’ Mindset TP
2006 One to One Tuition Steve Ball One to One Tuition Safeguarding Issues TP
2010 Only You Can Do This Cerys Morgan Breaking free from the effects of sexual abuse after many years PS
2006 Our Children are the Future... they are our Jewels Julia Stacey Pastor Jonathan Oleyede on the Importance of Safeguarding in Black Majority Churches PS
2003 Out of Touch CCPAS Physical Punishment TP
2005 Painful Lessons Learned Julia Stacey Tragic consequences for a Church with No Safeguarding Policy TP
2009 Parenting – Part One Nicky and Sila Lee Extracts from ‘The Parenting Book’ LI
2009 Parenting – Part Two Nicky and Sila Lee Extracts from ‘The Parenting Book’ LI
2007 Parents for the First Time Bill Stone Practical Advice for First Time Parents LI
2011 Partnering to make a difference Marianne Clough Christians Against Poverty - debt counselling with a difference LI
2010 Pastoral Care for Adult Survivors of Abuse and Neglect Bill Stone Guidance for those involved in pastoral care seeking to help adult survivors of abuse and neglect TP
2001 Physical Abuse Marian Lovatt Explanation of Physical Abuse TP
2007 Pieces of a Jigsaw Anon Seeking Birth Parents AF / PS
2011 Poverty and Safeguarding Claudia Bell Safeguarding a relevant issue when delivering debit advice LI
2005 Praying with Children and Young People CCPAS Good Sense Advice on Praying with Children TP
2005 Pressing on Towards the Goal Julia Stacey Update on Family Matters Fostering Agency PS
2012 Private Fostering Eleri Randerson Private Fostering Regulations AF
2007 Private Fostering Nigel Dando Private Fostering Regulations AF
2010 Protecting Children from Cyberbullying Naomi Brooking Disturbing findings from cyber-bullying research LI
2012 Providing a Hope and a Future ...? Antony Meade Educational plight of looked after children AF/LI
2005 Racial and Cultural Differences Julia Stacey Understanding Cultural Differences with Caroline Comrie-Sinclair TP
Recognising the Effects of Abuse Anon Effects of Physical, Emotional and Sexual Abuse and Helping those Effected TP
2000 Record Keeping and the Data Protection Act 1998 CCPAS The Principles and Implications of the Data Protection Act TP
2010 Recruiting Safely Justin Humphreys Summary of new CWDC guidelines TP
2011 Reflection on 'Twenty five Years On' Julia Stacey The Church's response to sexual violence TP
2001 Rejection Maddy Carvosso The effects Rejection can have on Children and Young People TP
2006 Response to Article ‘Getting Real’ Andy Croall Sexual Health Issues TP
2005 Ritualised Abuse and Media Myths Julia Stacey Bringing Perspective to Sensationalist Reporting on Ritual Abuse TP
2004 Roy’s Story Julia Stacey Account of Father’s Discovery his Daughter has been Sexually Abused PS
2012 Safe Network and CCPAS Cate Meredith Explanation of Safe Network's work in safeguarding NA
2000 Safe, Sound, Secure Marian Lovatt Keeping Records TP

Safeguarding Children - A Global Response

Aneeta Kulasegara Equipping churches globally in safeguarding TP

Safeguarding Children in Whom Illness is Induced or Fabricated

Marian Lovatt The Nature, Signs and Symptoms, and Outcomes for Children of this Syndrome TP
2005 Safeguarding Children on the Internet Simon Bass Advice on How to Keep Children Safe when using the Internet TP
2009 Safeguarding the Church's Children CCPAS Summary of CCPAS Research TP
2012 Safeguarding - The Legal Position Simon Bass Legal expectations for safeguarding TP
2002 Scarred Inside Pamela Timms Understanding Self Harm and the Young People Involved TP
1998 Secrets Anon Parents Account of Daughter’s Abuse by Another Child PS
2002 Self Harm Pauline Pearson Explains Self Harm and How to Help TP
2011 Sex and Shopping: It's a Riot! Bill Stone "Letting Children be Children"- The Bailey Report TP/LI
2009 Sexual Abuse and Spirituality Rev Janet Fife Sexual Abuse and Spirituality and How the Church Responds TP/LI
2012 So You Want to be a Foster Carer? David Pearson Is there a place for Christians in the Fostering Service? AF/TP
2010 Spirit Possession and Abuse Bob Pull Abuse in relation to spirit possession and witchcraft LS/TP
2011 Spiritual Abuse Pauline Pearson The impact of spiritual abuse and how can church leaders help TP
2005 Spiritual Abuse – An Unsafe Safe Place Tim and Lisa Oakley The Nature, Prevalence and Effects of Spiritual Abuse TP
2008 Spotlight on Self Harm Dr Kate Middleton Understanding Self Harm TP
2002 Stammering Ann O’Sullivan What is Stammering and How to Help TP
2006 State of the Nation David Pearson Safeguarding in the UK NA
2012 Supporting Recovery from Neglect, Trauma and Abuse Dr Ruth Cureton The work of the Trauma and Abuse Group (TAG) NA