Safeguarding Children and Adults

This course consists of four modules specially designed for churches and other organisations working with children, young people and adults. The aim is to enable the participant to develop a robust awareness of safeguarding within the church context, to enable them to be more confident in their response to concerns and suspicions of abuse, as well as understanding the importance of developing a safeguarding culture.

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Module 1: Understanding the Safeguarding Task

· Who are the perpetrators of abuse?

· Developments in safeguarding and emerging issues.

· Developing a balanced approach to safeguarding.

· Understanding your unique role and responsibilities.

· Statutory definitions of abuse.

· Who is an adult at risk of harm?

Module 2: Signs, Indicators and the Effects of Abuse

· Signs and indicators of abuse in adults.

· Signs and indicators of abuse in children.

· Grooming and the power of secrets.

· Exploring additional factors (race and culture, long term effects, forgiveness)

Module 3: Taking Action

· Understanding your church/organisation and their responsibilities.

· The role of the safeguarding coordinator

· Responding to concerns or suspicions of abuse

· Responding to a disclosure of abuse

· Understanding the role and responsibilities of the statutory authorities

Module 4: Safer Practices

· Policies and procedures

· Codes of conduct

· Managing those who may pose a risk

· Safer recruitment

· Support for workers