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Vision, Values, Ambition and Mission

Our Mission

To Educate and Inform the Christian community and wider society about the imperative to provide safe, sensitive, responsive and caring environments for children or adults at risk so they are protected from the possibility of harm or abuse and for people to understand the wider impact of abuse.

To Equip and Inspire the Christian community and wider society to create safer places, establish preventative practices and provide appropriate responses to all those who are vulnerable and needing help, to all those who may have experienced harm or abuse or have been affected by abuse.

To Empower and Influence  the Christian community, wider society and Government to stand against harm and abuse, to be a voice for those who are not heard, and to fight oppression and exploitation - with a focus on the development and implementation of legislation and the raising of standards in safeguarding practice.

Our Vision

… is to see the Christian community, in all its expressions and traditions, creating safer places, responding appropriately and being proactive in promoting the needs and rights of children and vulnerable adults.

Our Ambition

… is for CCPAS to be seen by the Christian community, statutory agencies and Government as the leading independent authority in setting and maintaining high standards in safeguarding across the Christian faith community.

Our Values

CCPAS is a Christian organisation that applies Christian concern and values to all the work we undertake and we work to a biblical mandate to care for vulnerable people.

CCPAS will be respectful of and value all people who provide or use our services.

CCPAS will seek to apply our understanding of God’s heart for vulnerable and disadvantaged people to the best of our ability and maintain our primary focus on the needs and rights of the individual.

CCPAS will work with integrity and honesty in all that we do and will be transparent and open for the benefit of those we serve, while preserving appropriate confidentiality.

CCPAS will work with all people who share our value base, including other faith groups, statutory and voluntary agencies and other organisations.