About the Course

This is an introduction to safeguarding course for those who work or volunteer with children and adult. You may need to do one or both of these courses depending on the context within which you work. As you have purchased the ‘Introduction to Safeguarding’ course, you are able to take either or both at no extra cost.

Both courses should take no more than 30 minutes each but you can proceed at your own pace. At the end there will be some simple questions to check you have understood the content. You will be able to retake these questions if you would like to try and improve your score, which will be printed on the certificate that is auto-generated at the end of the course.

Course Content

The ‘Introduction to Safeguarding’ course is divided into the following sections:

Section 1 - Introduction

Section 2 - What is Safeguarding?

Section 3 - Safeguarding in Churches, Places of Worship and other Faith-based Organisations

Section 4 - Who’s Responsibility is Safeguarding?

Section 5 - When should I be concerned about a child/adult?

Section 6 - Responding to Concerns about a child/adult

Section 7 - Safer practice and dealing with concerns

Section 8 - Online Test and Certification

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Introduction to Safeguarding (Children and Adult)

The course consists of two modules which provide a solid base of training and understanding which is a must for anyone working with vulnerable adults or children.

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